Three things to create success

Did you know there are a few things that you can do to increase your rate of success on a daily basis?

  1.  Surround yourself with positive people.  Since your mind determines what direction you go in and the decisions you make lead to actions, you may want to rethink your circle of influence.  It doesn’t take much to take you off course.
  2. Give yourself 5 minutes of quite.  I find that some days I’m so stressed and overwhelmed that it causes my motivation level to decrease.  If you give yourself 5-10 minutes in the morning to just breathe and refocus, it will allow you to start the day stress free.  Visualize your day and write out a list of goals to achieve that day.
  3. Be grateful, everyday write down 3 things that you are grateful for.  Starting your day off with a positive feeling will help your entire outlook.  So many of us hit the ground running and focus on what is going wrong without ever feeling a sense of gratitude.  This can be hurtful to your goals and objectives for the day.

Try these out and see how much smoother your day will go.  You can learn all day everyday, but remember that ACTION is what in turn makes the difference.

Have a wonderful weekend! ~Carrie


The fight is never over

I was listening to a motivational youtube video yesterday and one phrase stuck in my mind from what the speaker said.  There are those (many) times you want to just throw in the towel and give up on all your efforts moving forward.  In the long term, what does that do?  It just gives you a rest for that time being but does not do anything to progress you forward.  In essence, everyday is a battle and if you give up fighting it doesn’t mean the battle is over.  You are still in it.  So what does giving up do?  You are still going to face those problems you were working to get rid of.  Think about it, in fitness we all are working towards better health, weight loss, and/or better quality of life.  If we give up, those issues will not go away.  So, don’t quit.  Keep pressing forward.  It’s okay to take a break when you need to rest but don’t give up, because the fight is never over.


As I sit here and try to think about my blog for the day a question pops in my head.  “What does it take to get real results?” If I were to sum up success I would only use two words ACTION and REPETITION.  Motivation is the initial start to action.  Some of us get stuck with the running engine but do not actually put the car in drive and go.  Think of your goals as a destination you are heading to.  Initially you are excited to get there, but you know it’s a long drive.  You aren’t going to arrive with excitement only.  You have to actually put your car in motion and drive one mile at a time until you arrive.  Some will just start their cars, some will put it in drive and go halfway and quit, and those who end up successful are those that drive the entire route (you may get stuck in traffic, end up with a flat tire, or run out of gas).  Whatever happens, the successful person keeps fixing whatever goes wrong along the way and keeps going.

So whatever goals you have, know that there will be challenges and roadblocks but whatever happens just readjust and keep driving!  Don’t do something a few times and get frustrated.  Stop quitting and restarting over and over again (this take so much more effort!).  Stay consistent and know it’s about repetition.  Do it until you stop thinking about it.  Your destination is worth the effort, otherwise you would never had desired it in the first place.

Happy Monday!


Are you a snoozer?


What time do you wake up in the morning?  With everything we have going on, waking up an hour early everyday can help you achieve so much more in your day.  After all, what would you do with an extra 5-7 hours in your week?  If you find yourself running out of time on a daily basis, you may be hurting your lifestyle by hitting the snooze button.  This is something I am personally aiming to work on the next few months.  Don’t forget when you wake up early, think about trying to get to bed a little earlier so that you still get 6-8 hours of sleep per night.   I know some require more sleep than others so you may have to try out different times if you end up tired from the earlier rise time.  Also, if you start waking up earlier you will find that it is easier to fall asleep earlier as your body adapts.

Waking up earlier will automatically reduce your stress levels because you have more time to set up for your day causing you to eat better and have more time to exercise (what a concept!!)  Adding this discipline will provide you with more benefits than you know.  Try it out!

Happy Friday!


Steps to success

In everything we do in life we have a plan for our future.  We save for retirement, we have an education plan from kindergarten through college, and we have payment plans to payoff things like our house or car.  With all of these plans there is an end result.  What is your future health plans?  Do you plan on being self sufficient the rest of your life?  None of us have a desire to end up in the nursing home (or maybe you do!).  This for some reason many people fail to plan for and their life in retirement ends up a little different due to illness or old age that left them unable to do the things they could in their 20’s or 30’s.  In order to really enjoy your retirement years it is so important to physically take care of yourself.  This to me has been my personal motivation to stay fit and will continue to be for my entire life.  I love being strong, mobile, and active to enjoy things that require physical ability.  If it wasn’t for my lifestyle, this wouldn’t be possible.  So many clients tell me that they were able to enjoy their vacation because they weren’t out of breath on their hike, or they didn’t end up sore after their week on the slopes.  They were simply able to keep up with everything they had planned.  This to me is so rewarding to see because I know they are “enjoying” life.  Without complete health, we really can’t truly enjoy each day.  THIS should be our motivation to keep moving everyday.  Don’t let a sedentary lifestyle steal your joy!  Take care of yourself, plan for your health, and enjoy every minute <3

Happy Tuesday!~Carrie

Do you love it?


This blog message is absolutely inspired by my pastors Easter message yesterday.  He talked about how we need to love God first and everything else will fall into place.  Everything we do in life is driven by love.  “You are what you love.”  We only focus our attention on the things we really enjoy when it comes down to it.  Passion drives us and if we follow our passions we end up accomplishing those things we keep focused on.  This relates so well to our goals with our health.

Do you have a passion for exercise?  If you are on and off, you most likely have not found a love for it.  You will never truly be consistent until you find that love.  For me, the love is solely based on how I feel after my workouts.  I feel so good about myself when I workout.  I know I have done something right and in order to maintain the fitness level I have achieved, I have to keep moving.  I also love to motivate others to exercise as well.  This takes being an example.

Not everyone enjoys biking, running, weight lifting, or zumba.  The reason there are so many types of workouts is that everyone has a unique drive.  What do you like to do?  We all know that exercise is good for us, so it is up to you to find something that you enjoy and stick with it.

Happy Monday! ~Carrie

Water, the ultimate resource

How much water do you drink on a daily basis?  Did you know that you are dehydrated when you wake up in the morning?  The best thing you can do is to drink 16oz of water first thing.

  • Water will fire up your metabolism (I drink it when I feel tired and immediately I will wake up).
  • It also helps your kidneys flush out toxins.
  • Also, it helps your brain function better.  This amazing and functional organ in your body is 75% water so if you feel like you can’t concentrate or focus, you may be dehydrated.
  • It will help you eat less.  Drinking water with your meals will help you feel fuller faster.

So, what are you waiting for??  Drink up!  Happy Thursday~Carrie


When to increase your weights

When you are training with weights, most are not quite sure how or when to increase their weights.  A few things to make sure of is:

  1.  Is your form is still correct?
  2. Is your range of motion compromised (as you increase weights you may not be able keep the same depth)?
  3. Have you’ve completed a lower weight prior to increasing?
  4. Have you done the same weight for at least two weeks in a row

Form is super important when you are working out so that you know you are targeting the right muscles.  If your form fails, that means your muscles have to recruit other muscles in the body to finish the motion.  This will lead to injuries as your body will stray from the correct posture.

Range of motion is important throughout each exercise as well in order to work the entire body of your muscle.  If you increase your weights, but are only able to lift it 75% of what you did before, it will not help you increase your strength.  Your weakest point is when your muscle is at a full extension or stretch.

A warm up set is also very important when lifting.  Have you ever went to pick up a large box thinking it is heavy and realized it didn’t weight anything?  What happens?  You’ll practically throw the box because you were expecting to use more of your muscles.  This is called muscle fiber recruitment.  As you increase your weights, more muscle fibers are recruited to help finish the task.  Light weights require a few fibers, while heavy weights require more.  This is why it is important to do a warm up set prior to your new weight.  Prepare your neuromuscular system (brain communication to the muscles) to recruit more fibers as you go along to avoid injuries.

Some days are better than others and if you are an experienced exerciser you know this very well.  Make sure you are able to complete that particular exercise two weeks in a row with the same challenging weight before you decide to increase. This will insure your muscles have adapted properly.

As always, consult with a qualified trainer in order to know if you are working out correctly with proper form and progression.

Happy Tuesday~Carrie


I saw a post from a trainer in DC this morning on Instagram that said

“Some people want to use exercise as a punishment for being overweight.  They don’t realize that their diet is delivering the real punishment.”

This can’t be further from the truth and what I preach all the time.  You can’t out exercise a bad diet.  It also makes your workouts so much harder when you do not eat to nourish your body.  Why would you want to punish yourself twice?  When you eat well, you feel well, and when you feel well you WANT to exercise.  It is so hard to motivate yourself on a bad diet.  So make sure that you keep your diet clean and energizing so your fit lifestyle will just fall into place.  Otherwise it will stay a constant mind battle.

Happy Monday!