Month: April 2017

The one rule that will rock your world

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Make this one rule for yourself and see how much easier life will be As much as I hate grocery shopping, it is just something I have to do.  Typically I purchase the same items each week with a little variation of fruits and veggies (I typically purchase what is in season).  The most important […]

Education makes for better decisions

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Do you know why you do the things you do everyday?  The things that we read and hear on a daily basis influence our decisions.  I was watching a movie the other day called “Forks over Knives” which I would highly recommend to EVERYONE to watch (it’s on Netflix).  My 11 year old son happened […]

Roasted Chickpeas

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  These are one of the best snacks you can make and only 1/2 cup adds 6g of protein and 5g of fiber to your meal!  I added it to my salad today, so much better than croutons. Roasted Chickpeas 1 can (drained) of chickpeas Ground cumin Ground turmeric Himalayan sea salt Pepper 1 TBS […]


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Life happens, and everyday is not a carbon copy of the last.   I’ve owned a fitness studio for over 9 years now and seen all kinds of people come and go.  There are some that are here everyday no matter what and others that sprinkle in every once in a while.  With those that […]


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It takes time!  You can’t change overnight!  We hear these phrases all the time when we are trying to make good decisions in our lives that will lead to a change in diet or exercise.  When does change occur?  It occurs when you make the decision IN A SPLIT SECOND to change.  YES!  It is […]