Month: May 2017

On my mind…

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If you have ever started a fitness program, you know that motivation is the key to sticking with it.  Some days are easier than others when it comes to working out.  If your program calls for 3 days a week, be careful.  This can sabotage you in the long run because it allows you for […]

Fiber the missing link….

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Only 5% of people get the recommended amount of fiber in their diets!  That’s crazy talk!  The problem is the foods we are not eating enough of like fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains contain this amazing ingredient that aids in weight control and healthy digestion.  Women need about 25g per day and men need […]

Do I really need to go to the gym?

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Are you one of those with this dark workout cloud looming over yourself everyday?  You just absolutely despise the fact you have to drive 10-15 minutes to the gym, spend one hour torturing yourself, and then driving another 10-15 minutes back home just to take a shower and move on with your day?  I’ll be […]

You’re crazy!

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As I sit and design these 5am workouts starting on May 22nd thoughts are running through my head about everyone that has heard about our new program.  Some are super excited and others look at me and say “you are crazy to wake up that early!” Let’s get real, those of us with kids and […]