Month: June 2017

Are you really in it?

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You see all those that posts their workout programs on social media for a few weeks, it dies down and then you never see them again.  What happened?  The initial getting started (described by most as the “hardest” part of success) is really not the toughest part.  The hardest thing to do is maintain it […]

Tiny decisions

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The dreaded alarm!!  It goes off at 4:30am for your 5am workout everyday.  Do you press snooze?  Do you jump out of bed ready to kick this workouts butt?  Your day immediately begins with a decision.  The benefits of getting up to start your day outweighs the extra hour of sleep you get, but why […]

Your on and off switch

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Did you know you had one of these switched where you can turn off your in the head negotiator?  That voice that tells you not to eat healthy and to go back to sleep when your workout alarm goes off.  It’s up to you whether it even appears or not.  How cool is that?!  When […]

Dealing with the fizzle

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We have all been there at the peak of our decisions.  We are all excited and motivated to start working out and eating healthy.  Week one we roll into our workout with this new found determination that helps us get out of bed.  After week one we are super sore, but still plugging through because […]