Month: July 2017

Believe in yourself

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Are you underestimating how strong you are or how far you can go with your fitness level. There are so many times I’ve increased weights or reps for my clients, they roll their eyes and complete the full set with no problem (ok maybe a little grimace towards the end).  They had no idea they […]

Set it Up

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So I did my meal prep video last night to help show all my clients how to properly get ready for your week.  Not only does this simplify things for you during the week but it gets you to your goal faster by keeping you compliant.  It is way to hard to change your habits […]

Inspiration from the other side

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Did you ever have a close friend or even an acquaintance have a complete life change for the better.  Did it inspire you in anyway to make some changes in your own life?  The power of testimonials is incredible and most of those that complete those changes have no idea how many people they have […]

Why the excuses?

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Have you ever tried to help someone and they just keep giving you excuses on why something is not working for them?  You try to give them suggestions and every direction you seem to go they have an answer for you.  My job is to help my clients achieve a healthy lifestyle.  Help them make […]