Emotional Attachment

Did you ever wonder what is the secret to change?  Let’s face it, change is hard to do.  If you are trying to workout on a regular basis and you haven’t achieved that yet, change has not happened for you.  We all work and move with our emotions.  Our feelings make up our actions.  This is where your “why” comes into the equation.  Why do you want this change to happen?  Why do you want to be healthy?  There is always a why that moves you to join a gym, start exercising, and change your diet.  In order to create change and stick with it, you have to be emotionally connected to the importance of the change.  It has to be strong enough to drive you to get to the gym everyday.  Think about it, what you grab to eat all the time is driven by your mind.  It’s an emotional decision.  It’s how you feel at that moment.  One of the tricks of mastering your emotions is to slow down.  Your mind is so powerful.  When you have a goal, you have steps that you need to get there.  Those steps are compromised by your emotions.  For example, you’ve had a long day at work and your coworker makes you upset.  Your emotion says, just go home and rest.  You’ve had a tough day and the last thing you should do is spend more energy and go workout.  If you want to actually achieve your goal, successful people will slow down at that moment and talk themselves back into getting to the gym.  All it takes is stopping and talking to yourself.  Dig deep and say, what is my goal?  Why did I want to achieve that goal?  How will achieving that goal make me feel?  Just by doing this you will realize that if you make the right decision and stick with your goal you will be in a better state than if you skipped.  Think long term.  Don’t make decisions based on immediate gratification.  This is not what successful people do.

Who are you going to listen to?  Immediate gratitude or long term success?

Don’t waste your time

If you are a human, there are days, weeks, or even months where the unexpected happens and interrupts your routine.  What do you do when that happens?  Do you wait for an even time to restart (a Monday or the begining of the next month)?  This is a HUGE mistake when you are striving for a healthy lifestyle.  It puts the thought in your mind that your “normal” routine is to eat whatever you want and don’t workout if you don’t feel like it.  If you make it a priority you won’t wait for the next Monday.  You will get right back on as soon as possible.  Then your “normal” will become the healthy lifestyle you strive for.

~ Happy Friday



This past week was a very scary one for me and my family along with hundreds of thousands of Floridians.  Hurricane Irma made it’s way over to our state and caused major disruption in our lives.  Even though my husband prepared our house and the gym as much as he possibly can for a major hurricane, the fear of the unknown drove me to evacuate myself and the kids to GA until if was over.  Amazingly, Irma took a turn around our lucky town and the eye wall of the storm (strongest part of the hurricane) avoided us entirely.  Talk about the power of prayer!

When things like this happen, it puts so many parts of our lives in perspective.  What we do when survival mode kicks in determines our priorities.  There are 3 different types of people in life.

1. Those that take preparation when provided with the right tools who will do everything in their power to make the outcome the best as possible.

2. There are those who wait until the last minute and scramble to get things together, but most of the time fall short due to lost time.

3.  And there are those that will do nothing, sit back and risk everything and chose to just deal with the aftermath when it comes.

Which one are you?  Which one do you think will have the best outcome?  We can’t guarantee each will, but your chances are a lot greater with #1.  Are you doing something everyday to prepare your best future?  This can be applied to your finances and physical health. Don’t wait until it is too late and you are scrambling to save yourself.  Take action and know that every choice you make will lead to an outcome.  It’s up to you what outcome you want to have.