A little observation…

I’ll admit it, I’m not the most organized person but this has been something I’ve been working on for the past year.  It was my new years resolution to utilize my agenda more and write things down.  My husband on the other hand is extremely organized and has helped me work on those challenges.  What does this take?  It takes discipline and repetition.  I used to take for granted the fact I could remember everything and not write things down, BUT when you are only taking care of yourself and have a billion less responsibilities it is much easier.  Now that I am a business owner and mom I have to write things down or my stress level is through the roof!

Throughout my career as a personal trainer I’ve noticed my clients who are more organized are those that are more successful with their fitness regimen.  Exercise is usually the thing that gets put on the back burner when situations arise.  We all have tons of things to do, but if we can organize our time properly we can fit exercise in and have plenty of time to finish our other tasks.

Life is all about balance and to achieve balance organization is a must especially for busy people.  So if you are trying to get your fitness finally on track, take a look at your daily organizational skills and break out that agenda.  This may be the key to your success in establishing a less stressful lifestyle.

Happy Sunday!



We live in a day where nutrition is hard and workouts are even harder.  Is all that necessary though?  Life is all about balance (which I preach all the time).  You can’t eat what you want and then punish yourself with exercise.  How will that leave you in 20 years?  Not in a healthy spot that’s for sure.  I was training one of my clients yesterday who just turns 79 today.  Sweetest woman!  We work on activities of daily living just to make daily living tasks easier for her.  Just things like bending over to pick things up, reaching in the cabinet to get a glass, and getting out of bed.  We take those things for granted when we are young and don’t realize what it will be like when we lack the strength to do those activities that are required just to survive everyday.  She was telling me about her past and how active she was.  Typically we think if we are active all our lives, those things will never be hard.  But she was very active when she was younger.  Then she said to me “I think I may have done a little too much.”   Activities that she really enjoyed, like golf were becoming hard on her joints and back.  THIS is why balance is so important.  It’s okay to do tough workouts a day or two a week, but I also take some days and do “light” workouts which I call “active recovery”.  It’s so important to listen to your body and not push beyond your limits on a constant basis.  After all we have only one body and when it’s worn out there’s only so much you can do to just to maintain a good quality of life.  So find that life balance and maintain that within limits.  Also, be sure to eat healthy so that you support your active lifestyle.  It can be a double edged sword if you are eating crap and then thinking that you can just work it off in the gym.  It doesn’t work like that and you will pay for that pattern later.  If you need help organizing a program to maintain this balance I’m always here to help!

Happy Friday!