Month: November 2017

Strategy for fat burn

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When you think of burning fat, you think of what?  Cardio?  Weight training?  Cutting carbs? Did you know that up to 30 minutes of exercise will use glucose (carbohydrates) as the primary energy source?  When our body is depleted of these stores it will convert fat for energy.  This process however requires a lot of […]

Putting it on the top of your list

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Are you one that notoriously struggles with trying to establish a regular fitness routine??  Did you ever notice that the things at the bottom of your priority list are the things that get pieced in at the end (if they even fit)?  Think about it, if exercise is not a priority on your list, everything […]

Monday Motivation

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Most of us have so much more to do during the holiday season and unfortunately neglect our workouts.  This is a big mistake, due to all the extra calories and stress we have this time of year.  Even if you can only squeeze 30 minutes of physical activity per day, make sure to make it […]

A big mistake lots of people make

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When you think of losing weight or changing your body, what comes to mind?  Joining a gym and starting to exercise on a regular basis?  That’s what most of us think about, especially January 1st when the new years resolutions start.  What most don’t realize is that this doesn’t just happen those 3 hours you […]