Month: January 2018

Motivation Monday

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What’s your reason for wanting to exercise and eat a healthy diet?  In boot camp this past Friday I went around the class and ask each participant why they were there.  Most were to look good, lose weight, or to feel better.  All valid reasons but are they big enough to conquer your excuses and […]

Winter blues..

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Winter is one of the most unmotivated seasons every year for so many reasons.  Did you ever feel like you were in this funk and wonder what the heck can you do to push out?  It happens so much during this time of year.  The holidays kick if off with family in town, traveling, and […]

Motivation Monday!

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What get’s you up in the morning?  What keeps you exercising on a daily basis? Do you exercise daily?  If you don’t then you probably don’t have a “why” big enough to propel you forward.  There has to be a reason that’s going to stay in your mind during the times when things get uncomfortable.  […]

How to create your goals so you’ll stick to them…

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As you scroll through facebook on the first week of January you watch as everyone is picking themselves back up after the holiday splurges and rejoining the gym or nutrition program.  This has become standard in our fitness industry.  Everyone knows that January is the best month for new memberships because of this widespread motivational […]