A big mistake lots of people make

When you think of losing weight or changing your body, what comes to mind?  Joining a gym and starting to exercise on a regular basis?  That’s what most of us think about, especially January 1st when the new years resolutions start.  What most don’t realize is that this doesn’t just happen those 3 hours you spend in the gym.  It has to travel outside the gym, into your home and your work life.  I have the opportunity to work with clients 3-4 days per week on average.  Those hours with me are great and they will get a good workout, but it is the other 165 hours they are without me are so much more important.  That’s a lot of time!  What do you do with the time that you are outside of the gym?  Are you eating healthy to support your workouts, are you sleeping 7-8 hours each night?  Do you stay active throughout the day in order to keep your metabolism high?  Are you drinking enough water?  There are so many things that you should be doing to help you reach your fitness goals.  It’s awesome that you come into the gym 3-4 days per week for your workouts but be aware and proactive about what you do the rest of the day.  Achieve that #fitlife status and live the lifestyle.  Let it become who you are and then you will start to see and feel your body make those changes.

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