Life happens, and everyday is not a carbon copy of the last.   I’ve owned a fitness studio for over 9 years now and seen all kinds of people come and go.  There are some that are here everyday no matter what and others that sprinkle in every once in a while.  With those that are the most consistent, what is it that keeps them coming everyday?  Do they have less going on in their lives?  Absolutely not!  Now don’t get me wrong, tragedies happen which cause our lives to come to a halt and things get put on the back burner for a minute or two.  Those that are the most consistent make fitness a part of who they are.  These people have fitness as a habit so it gets worked into what ever they have going on.  Work, family, friends, and relationships all have an effect on our schedules EVERYDAY.  It’s up to you how you let it affect your routine.  Are you going to stop brushing your teeth because your child is sick?  I would venture to say that’s a no.  Why?  Because your teeth are important and you wouldn’t even think about skipping it because it is a habit.  What other habits do you have that won’t quit in times of uncertainty?  That answer is totally up to you.  Write out your priorities today and view them (and do them) on a regular basis until they become a part of who you are.  That’s when you will become one of those people who never quits.


It takes time!  You can’t change overnight!  We hear these phrases all the time when we are trying to make good decisions in our lives that will lead to a change in diet or exercise.  When does change occur?  It occurs when you make the decision IN A SPLIT SECOND to change.  YES!  It is just that simple, but we make things so complicated.  It is important that you know:

  1. how to change
  2. write a plan down
  3. execute it with determination

With my clients, the nutrition part is the hardest.  The first thing to concentrate on is buying the right foods to stay on your plan and making your week easy by meal prepping.  If I don’t meal prep, I WILL NOT….I repeat will NOT eat what I need to be eating.  Healthy food takes time to prepare.  Processed food and restaurant food is ready to go and therefore will end up being your go to if you are not prepared.  So if you are wondering where to start, this is where to start.  Pick a prep day (it only takes at most 2-3 hours) to get everything ready.  Make sure you have a plan to what you will be eating for each meal and write it down.  Once you get into a routine, it will become a habit.

So make that decision right now to change what you put in your body.  Don’t wait until it is too late and you have no choice.  Throughout the next 6 weeks I will be sharing recipes and tips on how to change those bad eating habits into healthy daily habits.  Make sure to follow my blog for these daily tips!

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