Believe in yourself

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Are you underestimating how strong you are or how far you can go with your fitness level. There are so many times I’ve increased weights or reps for my clients, they roll their eyes and complete the full set with no problem (ok maybe a little grimace towards the end).  They had no idea they could lift that much weight until they tried.  The best way to test your limits is to attempt them.  The worst that could happen is you fall short a few reps.  But the most important thing is you found your true strength.  I see so many that pick up weights that are “comfortable” and not challenging.  The only way you will change is if you challenge yourself.  You have to go to places you’ve never been, do things you’ve never done, and stay consistent.  So this week try and challenge yourself more and start to notice those changes you’ve been looking for!

Happy Monday!


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