Motivation Monday

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So I got out for a run on Saturday and it was terrible.  I had no endurance to keep going so I ended up doing sprints the second half so my time wasn’t terrible.  What caused that?  It could have been the fact I hadn’t run more than once a week the last few weeks.  I have a race coming up in March so I have to get going with my running again.  Even though I have still been exercising it is still important that I train for what I am doing.  So whatever your goal is, make sure you are participating in “sport specific training”.  Also, my diet was not as regimented on Saturday as it usually is so this has a direct effect (especially in endurance events).  Exercise is a great excuse to eat healthy.  If you want to get through your workout better, make sure you nutrition supports your activities.  Don’t eat too much before your workouts and make sure you have some quick absorbing carbs prior (I like an orange or banana about 30-60 minutes before my workout).

Happy Monday!  Have a great workout today.


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