Putting it on the top of your list

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Are you one that notoriously struggles with trying to establish a regular fitness routine??  Did you ever notice that the things at the bottom of your priority list are the things that get pieced in at the end (if they even fit)?  Think about it, if exercise is not a priority on your list, everything else you do during your day will be scheduled first and if it fits…….you will add your workout in.  STOP doing this!  We all know that living an active lifestyle is so important in your long term health.  Fitness should be who you are and how you live your everyday.  Will there be days that something crazy happens and you will have to forgo your workout?  ABSOLUTELY, but it will be few and far between if your “everyday” routine is living a fit lifestyle.

If you are struggling, try making fitness the first thing you schedule in your day.  I look at my week and know exactly when my workout is each day. Typically it is the same time everyday so that I know nothing will get in the way.  It is designated my “workout time”.  Do you have a designated time or does it just fall when you have extra time?

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