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In everything we do in life we have a plan for our future.  We save for retirement, we have an education plan from kindergarten through college, and we have payment plans to payoff things like our house or car.  With all of these plans there is an end result.  What is your future health plans?  Do you plan on being self sufficient the rest of your life?  None of us have a desire to end up in the nursing home (or maybe you do!).  This for some reason many people fail to plan for and their life in retirement ends up a little different due to illness or old age that left them unable to do the things they could in their 20’s or 30’s.  In order to really enjoy your retirement years it is so important to physically take care of yourself.  This to me has been my personal motivation to stay fit and will continue to be for my entire life.  I love being strong, mobile, and active to enjoy things that require physical ability.  If it wasn’t for my lifestyle, this wouldn’t be possible.  So many clients tell me that they were able to enjoy their vacation because they weren’t out of breath on their hike, or they didn’t end up sore after their week on the slopes.  They were simply able to keep up with everything they had planned.  This to me is so rewarding to see because I know they are “enjoying” life.  Without complete health, we really can’t truly enjoy each day.  THIS should be our motivation to keep moving everyday.  Don’t let a sedentary lifestyle steal your joy!  Take care of yourself, plan for your health, and enjoy every minute <3

Happy Tuesday!~Carrie

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