Strategy for fat burn

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When you think of burning fat, you think of what?  Cardio?  Weight training?  Cutting carbs? Did you know that up to 30 minutes of exercise will use glucose (carbohydrates) as the primary energy source?  When our body is depleted of these stores it will convert fat for energy.  This process however requires a lot of oxygen from the muscles so you cannot move at a fast rate using stored fat.  There are two ways you can target your body fat during your workouts.  Exercise at a slow rate for longer than 30 minutes (60-120 minutes) or you can engage in a HIIT (high intensity interval training) regimen which depletes these stores and will cause an after burn affect (continuous calorie burn up to 72 hours after you have completed your workout.

Also, remember to limit your carbohydrate intake to target this stored fat.  If you keep eating carbohydrates, your body will just use this for energy and never reach the body fat stores.  When you do eat carbs make sure they are nutrient dense (whole grains and fruits).   I recommend my clients to limit their carbohydrate consumption to 2 servings per day when they are trying to lose bodyfat (healthy carbohydrates).  The rest of your diet should be protein and vegetables.  Ideally vegetables should be a majority of your diet.  This is the mistake most people make.

Exercise daily to keep your metabolism high and your calorie burn will be increased tremendously.

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