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Inspiration from the other side

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Did you ever have a close friend or even an acquaintance have a complete life change for the better.  Did it inspire you in anyway to make some changes in your own life?  The power of testimonials is incredible and most of those that complete those changes have no idea how many people they have […]

Water, the ultimate resource

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How much water do you drink on a daily basis?  Did you know that you are dehydrated when you wake up in the morning?  The best thing you can do is to drink 16oz of water first thing. Water will fire up your metabolism (I drink it when I feel tired and immediately I will […]


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Definition of discipline (Wikipedia) “Discipline is when one uses reason to determine the best course of action regardless of one’s desires, which may be the opposite of excited.” One of our clients here at Elite asked me if I would write about what discipline means to me personally.  I know everyone views it differently.  When […]


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Life happens, and everyday is not a carbon copy of the last.   I’ve owned a fitness studio for over 9 years now and seen all kinds of people come and go.  There are some that are here everyday no matter what and others that sprinkle in every once in a while.  With those that […]