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Every time you turn on the TV you see a commercial about a new diet plan, new fun exercise program, or a new “natural” nutrition supplement guaranteed to help you lose weight.  How do you know which one is the right one for you?  After all, everyone of us is a different size, shape, and our bodies all function differently.  The bottom line is EAT REAL FOOD!  Whatever you consume, make sure it is real food.  Lot’s of vegetables, lean protein (whether animal or plant based).  The grab-and-go industry is destroying our bodies.  Fast food, processed food, excess sugar, unnecessary chemical consumption.  You name it, we eat it and it is turning into heart disease, cancer, and turning into a large number of other ailments decreasing our quality of life and even ending it too early.  When you look at food as fuel rather than “weight loss” products, you will think differently about what you put in your month.  You will be more successful at attempting a healthy lifestyle.  Don’t you want to feel better and be able to exercise without pain?  Your diet is just as important as regular exercise.  I challenge you from today on, make sure whatever you put in your body is real food.  No more boxed food, sugar, and chemicals from now on.  Your body will thank you!

Happy Monday!


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