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When you think about “starting” an exercise program, are you planning on quitting?  Do you start with the intentions there will be an end and you only have to be involved until you reach your desired result?  So many of us are focused on the weight loss and cosmetic side of fitness that we neglect to look at the whole picture.  Since High School I have always been active.  I always had the desire and mental attitude that I need to eat healthy in order to live a long disease free life.  It wasn’t something that I looked at as a quick challenge.  With my clients I try to lead by example.  Never have I taken more than a week off from my fitness program and I always eat what fuels my body.  Does that mean I never eat ice cream, cake, stuffing at thanksgiving or drink a pina colada?  Not exactly.  I do eat those things on occasion but it is definitely not part of my everyday routine.  I’ve never had a piece of cake and decided that my whole diet was a wreck and I’ll start again on Monday.  Anyone who leads a healthy lifestyle knows that if your day to day includes regular exercise and your nutrition consists of lean proteins, fruits, and veggies those treats do not affect you.  The time it is a problem is when it becomes what you do everyday.  With that all said, I have never taken more than a week off of my exercise regimen (because it makes me feel energized and strong) and I eat healthy all the time with the occasional treat.  When you do this, you become aware of what balanced is.  You don’t ever feel guilty when you treat yourself or miss a workout once in a while.  Because it doesn’t happen often enough to affect who you are.

So don’t think of this as a temporary fix or something that you cannot sustain.  This is why any nutrition plan or exercise routine must be realistic and fit into your day to day life.  Make it who you are and live the lifestyle.  Let it become who you are and when you focus on this, your body will follow.

Happy Thursday!


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