Your on and off switch

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Did you know you had one of these switched where you can turn off your in the head negotiator?  That voice that tells you not to eat healthy and to go back to sleep when your workout alarm goes off.  It’s up to you whether it even appears or not.  How cool is that?!  When you “decide” to set a goal and do whatever it takes to achieve it, the negotiator is not even a factor.   Think about it.  When you have to work at 6am are you more likely to show up for that then a 6am workout?  Of course you are because there is something at stake (your income).  But what if we viewed our health and bodies the same way.  What if you could see where you will end up in 10 years if you don’t start taking care of your body and keep pushing it off?  Would you be happy with where you ended up or would you have wished to live life a little more different?  There is a price for everything.  So if you decide to make a change, turn off the “negotiator” switch and do what needs to be done no questions asked.  Successful people don’t give themselves a choice, they JUST DO IT.

Happy Monday!

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