Motivation Monday…environment

Over the weekend I was talking with a colleague of mine about the importance of your environment and the huge role it plays in your lifestyle.  Let’s face it, we spend a large majority of our day at work.  Who do you work with?  Are your hours reasonable?  Does your office take priority over exercise often?  How often are treats brought into your office?  Does your boss or manager see the benefit of regular exercise for his/her employees?  If you look around and you don’t feel that you are supported in your everyday environment?  It is going to be so much harder to change over your habits without a super strong willpower.

Most of the largest companies in the world like GE, Mayo Clinic, Twitter, Google, all help promote wellness within their company and it shows with their retention rate and overall positive vibes to keep everyone happy.

Take a look at your surroundings and be sure to set yourself (and your office environment) up for success.  If you see things that are not promoting health and wellness, create change by starting the initiative yourself or talking to management on ideas you can do to help create a healthier work environment for everyone.

As us about our #getfitportcharlotte program.  That’s exactly our focus here at Elite, to help our community take steps towards a healthier community.

Don’t do this….

As I’m sitting at my desk going over all my clients accounts in my online training I’m realizing one difference between those who are successful with keeping a routine and those who are struggling with regular exercise.

For me, exercise every week is pretty much the same, I know when and where and what my workout will be.  It’s always the same for me and I have a back up if my kids have a game or something interrupts my schedule.  If someone were to ask me when I’m working out this week, I can give you the times and days for the entire week.

So the mistake I am seeing with establishing a fitness routine is that most are just holding on to them and hoping they find a free 30-60 minutes in their schedule to squeeze one in.  Before they know it, it is Saturday and they only were able to get one workout in.  In order to be successful or see any physical changes, you must establish a routine of at least 4 days of exercise per week.  That means scheduling them like we do work, school classes, or meeting with your accountant to get your taxes done.

So don’t go into your fitness routine with a blind eye, schedule those workouts, check them off as you go, and finally see those results you have been looking for!

Happy Tuesday!

You really should love it…

Finding a fitness program can be daunting, especially when you have tried so many programs and you just don’t seem to stick into your routine.  It is so important that we find something we love to do or make what you are doing more enjoyable.  For me, I love running outside because it helps me decompress from the day.  But, if I have some motivating music mixes to go along with it.  I also make sure I’m doing intervals because for me it makes it more enjoyable. I enjoy lifting weights, but I have to see progress so I keep track of everything I do so that I am challenging myself.   But you won’t find me forcing myself to do a workout video.  That kind of workout just does not motivate me.  But others may love it.

If you don’t like a certain style of clothes, you won’t give up wearing them right?  There are so many ways to stay active and I believe we all have our own fitness personalities.  Some like to workout in groups, or with a partner, and others like to workout on their own.  Maybe you enjoy being in a gym or maybe in the comfort of your own home.  Spin classes, zumba, boot camps, online fitness programs…..  Whatever it is, I’m positive you can find something that you can enjoy doing.  The most important this is that you find that something and don’t give up on exercise because you think you just don’t like it.  Don’t let too much time go by without exercise.  It can affect your health in so many ways.  Stay active in some way at all times.  My challenge for you this week is to find some kind of physical activity that you like.  You got this!

Happy Motivation Monday!


Now what?

You’ve made a goal for 2020, but what is the number one reason people don’t succeed in reaching their goal?  They fail to establish a plan to get there.  Yeah it’s cool to set a goal of losing 10lbs, but how are you going to get there.  Go to the gym?  How many days per week?  Stop eating fast food?  What will you eat instead?  Do you have a meal plan ready to go?

Before you head out to tackle your goal, keep a journal of your journey getting to that goal.  For change to happen, you have to create change first.  Don’t overwhelm yourself with unrealistic goals and too much change at one time.  You are more likely to be successful with small goals that lead up to your one large goal.  If your goal is to start a workout routine, don’t ask yourself to start going to the gym 6 days per week.  Start with 3 days and work your way up by adding more when you make the time.  Or go to the gym 2x and workout at home 1 day per week.  If you want to focus on eating healthier, start with a healthy breakfast and then add on from there.  Find what works for you and master one thing at a time.

Happy Monday!

Here it is!

Well 2019 is coming to a close and as always, went by super fast!  Did you reach all your goals you set to accomplish for this year?  Of course, with a new year upon us there is something magical that happens in the air and we are always so motivated to make change happen.  What is it that makes us feel this way?  A new year means a new beginning.  It’s the same way we feel better about setting goals for the next day or even on a Monday as it’s a new week.  There is just something special about that fresh start.

So why can’t we do that with each second or minute of our day?  Stop pushing things off to the next day, week or year.  We need to make those changes every minute of everyday.  January 1st is not anything more special than December 30.  And starting now means you are that much closer than your goal.  There are way too many push off’s that eventually add to more days than you may have even worked on your goal right?  And we really have no good reason we push off these goals other than the fact that we are lazy (yep I said it, I’ve been there too).

Change that mentality and work on YOU every minute of everyday.

Happy Monday!



How does change happen?  If we change our actions today, ultimately that will change what happens tomorrow.  Preparation is one thing that so many of us lack (including myself sometimes).  But  I know I do succeed in those things that I prepare for.  Our lives are made up of patterns and in order to change the course, we need to create change in those patterns.  This is not hard to do and takes lots of persistence.  But once you establish this new routine it will become habit just like all the others.  Here are some tips on breaking those bad habits:

  1.  Visualize yourself reaching your goal and succeeding
  2. Grab a partner to help and keep you accountable
  3. Eliminate the bad triggers around you
  4. Surround yourself with like minded people
  5. Choose a substitute for your bad habit.  Instead of eliminating the bad make sure something is there to feed the positive
  6. Deal with your stress levels (this can be a big trigger for bad habits)
  7. Keep a journal.  This will help work out what goes on in your mind and stay positive. It also helps pinpoint what your triggers are and helps you eliminate them.
    1. When does your bad habit happen?
    2. How many times a day do you do it?
    3. Where are you?
    4. Who are you with?
    5. What triggers this bad habit?

All of these things can help you change tomorrow and make you more successful at the things that are most important to you.


Goodbye 2019!

As the year 2019 comes to a close and Christmas is only a week away, it is the best time to do a little reflection on what goals have been met this year.  This time of year tends to be the most rushed with the holidays, parties, family, and friends.  But it is very important that we take time to reflect on our accomplishments and maybe what we could focus on for next year.  Do you write down your goals each year?  Maybe you are not the resolution maker, but it is so important to have goals throughout the year.  This allows us to keep moving forward and feeding our successes.

We spend lots of time in January writing down goals for the year.   This year, lets focus not only on what the goals are, but how to get there as well.  A huge mistake that most make when making goals or resolutions is they don’t focus on what they need to do to get to their goals.  Remember, a goal without a plan is just a wish.

Have a great week!




Peace: noun  “freedom from disturbance; tranquility.”

This seamed like the perfect topic for this time of year.  Stress levels tend to rise as we all deal with traveling, family, gift buying, and maybe even hosting events and parties.  We hold our breaths just trying to get through it and it is supposed to be such a peaceful time of year right?  Did you ever watch a bride getting ready for her wedding?  They spend so much time organizing, picking out dresses, color schemes, who’s in the wedding, and dinner menus.  The stress comes from wanting  and expecting everything to be “perfect”.  I think that’s how we feel most of our daily lives.  We wait for peace to come from outside sources by expecting certain results.  These results we think come from someone, something, or some situation.  Instead of waiting for peace to find you, let’s stop expecting things to be perfect and find peace in the situation you are in right now.

Don’t spread the emotional flu…

We all recognize how much our environment plays a huge role on how much motivation we have everyday.  Emotions are just as contagious as many viruses.  Those who you work with and your home life greatly affect your daily routine.  What and who is around you affect your mood as well as your actions.  Now let me flip the script on you, are you motivating to others around you?  Are you affecting their mood and actions?  Don’t forget that you are a part of someone’s environment everyday.  You have the ability to cheer someone up and pass on your positive mood.  Watch how you interact with them and be careful about any negativity.  Staying positive not only will help affect your mood, but also the mood of those around you.  Choose your company wisely and be sure to identify any changes in mood that is a result of your environment.  If we are able to identify these triggers we can help avoid spreading the emotional “virus” to others around us.  You may be the only ray of sunshine in someones day.

My very first race

It was 2003 and I’d never run any kind of race before.  I was doing my internship to finish up my degree and thought it would be fun to join everyone else in the gym in this “Main Street Mile”.  It was only 1 mile so what do I have to train for?  The day of the race they placed us in chorales based on speed.  I’m fast, I knew I could run at a good pace so I made my way to the front.  MAJOR mistake!  The gun went off and we all started to run.  I of course wanted to keep up so I started FAST.  Well, by 1/4 miles into the run I was gassed.  Everyone started to pass me real quick and I had to talk my way through the rest of the race.  I had no idea a mile felt that long when you sprinted the first 1/4.   I did complete the race in 7:24 but it took me the entire rest of the day to recover.  And I probably could have done so much better if I knew to pace myself.

How many times have you busted your butt to complete something, then looked back and realized there was an easier way?  Clearly, the least I should have done was practice running one mile properly.  I think we all underestimate the importance of preparing ourselves for the tasks we have ahead.  We need to prepare mentally and physically.  How can we do this?  We have to establish a plan.  I could have easily asked a seasoned runner their advice on what I should have done to complete that mile (comfortably…)  Don’t let you ego get in the way of asking someone for help.  It will help you get through the task so much better and more prepared so you don’t end up killing yourself to get it done.  So whether it is a fitness goal, nutrition goal, occupational goal, etc seek out someone who has completed that particular task before or a professional in the industry.  You may learn quite a few things from their experiences that will save you time, money, or just physical stress.