Stop needing stuff!

Americans alone spend upwards of $60 billion trying to lose weight on purchasing products products and joining weight loss programs.  Do they really need these products and programs?  Losing weight is a highly desired goal for most people.  Thus the reason for the most popular new years resolution.  The consumer industry will take advantage of this (supply and demand) and push these products and programs that promise to get you the dream body you have always wanted.  The bottom line is you don’t have to spend a lot of money at all to get on the right track to a healthy lifestyle.  I’m always so blown away by everyone trying to work around what ultimately is the only way to ultimate health.  The old fashioned diet and exercise.  If we eat what we should be eating in the first place (fruits, vegetables and lean protein sources) we can solve many of our issues right now.  There are so many processed products out there claiming to be food (even health food!) that we waste so much money.  Let’s go back to the basics, eat real food, move everyday, and find a healthy balance again.  The biggest motivation we have to do this for ourselves is our children.  It is crucial that they develop these healthy habits early.  If not, we all know what happens.  They will get sucked into feeding this money hungry industry.  Change your buying habits and support your local farmers who work real hard to grow the food that can counteract many of these diseases we are dying from.  We have the power to change one family at a time!

Happy Hump Day!

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