Motivation Monday…environment

Over the weekend I was talking with a colleague of mine about the importance of your environment and the huge role it plays in your lifestyle.  Let’s face it, we spend a large majority of our day at work.  Who do you work with?  Are your hours reasonable?  Does your office take priority over exercise often?  How often are treats brought into your office?  Does your boss or manager see the benefit of regular exercise for his/her employees?  If you look around and you don’t feel that you are supported in your everyday environment?  It is going to be so much harder to change over your habits without a super strong willpower.

Most of the largest companies in the world like GE, Mayo Clinic, Twitter, Google, all help promote wellness within their company and it shows with their retention rate and overall positive vibes to keep everyone happy.

Take a look at your surroundings and be sure to set yourself (and your office environment) up for success.  If you see things that are not promoting health and wellness, create change by starting the initiative yourself or talking to management on ideas you can do to help create a healthier work environment for everyone.

As us about our #getfitportcharlotte program.  That’s exactly our focus here at Elite, to help our community take steps towards a healthier community.

Here it is!

Well 2019 is coming to a close and as always, went by super fast!  Did you reach all your goals you set to accomplish for this year?  Of course, with a new year upon us there is something magical that happens in the air and we are always so motivated to make change happen.  What is it that makes us feel this way?  A new year means a new beginning.  It’s the same way we feel better about setting goals for the next day or even on a Monday as it’s a new week.  There is just something special about that fresh start.

So why can’t we do that with each second or minute of our day?  Stop pushing things off to the next day, week or year.  We need to make those changes every minute of everyday.  January 1st is not anything more special than December 30.  And starting now means you are that much closer than your goal.  There are way too many push off’s that eventually add to more days than you may have even worked on your goal right?  And we really have no good reason we push off these goals other than the fact that we are lazy (yep I said it, I’ve been there too).

Change that mentality and work on YOU every minute of everyday.

Happy Monday!