What separates success from failure?

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So when I started my fitness career, my goal was to help others get in shape.  Simple enough right?  I meet with my clients on a weekly basis and they workout with me, change their eating habits, and voila…success!  Well, I quickly learned that it is not so simple.  I had to get inside their heads, find out what their mental blocks were and help them break through them.  Now that I look back on it, a degree in psychology would have helped me so much better.  My determination to change lives is my ultimate calling, it’s what I live to do and find joy in.  And I can’t just do that in the gym providing the workouts.  I love to read, so I researched a book that deals with conquering the mind.  On Amazon I stumbled upon a book called “Can’t Hurt Me” written by David Goggins.  Goggin’s wrote a documentary on his journey of becoming a Navy Seal after a childhood of verbal and physical abuse.  He set out to prove that the mind is stronger than we think.  According to him, we only tap into 40% or less of our full potential because of the mind barriers we let get in our way.  We all get to a certain point where excuses and “pain” prevent us from achieving our goals.  Although, he pushes his body beyond the point where I’d recommend my clients safely going, he set’s out to prove a point.  We are so much more capable of what we “think” we are.  He pushed beyond his mental barriers and achieves some pretty amazing accomplishments that most of us would look at as impossible.  One thing I love from his book is that he talks about how important it is to achieve little accomplishments.  When you have a lot of weight to lose or feel it is such a large goal it becomes overwhelming and impossible to reach that goal if you look at the big picture.   This goal is not going to be done in a few days, weeks, months, or possibly years.  But the best way to get there is to achieve smaller accomplishments along the way.  If you want to go run a marathon but you have never run a 5k before it may seem like a stretch.  But once you run that 5k the 10k doesn’t seem as bad…then the half marathon etc.  It is human nature to take steps and be fed by accomplishments.  When we achieve one thing it makes us feel amazing and will carry us to our next challenge.  So when you look at your fitness goals, don’t get overwhelmed if you have a long way to go.  Don’t let your mind talk you out of reaching your potential.  It’s a powerful thing and can definitely keep holding you back if you don’t control it.  Instead of achieving only 40% of what you can do reach for that 70%.  Push your limits and be proud of yourself for achieving some amazing things you never though possible because you allowed your mind to hold you hostage.  ~Carrie

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