Why I love recovery week!

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In our everyday lives we get so busy and stressed day to day that exercise, something that is supposed to help us destress, actually becomes a stressor.  Ugh!  How does that even work?  Our bodies require to repair in order to get stronger and perform the tasks we are asked to do on a regular basis.  If you are at the point where soreness just takes over and it becomes and everyday thing, you may be experiencing burnout.  At the studio here I have now scheduled a recovery week into our program every 10 weeks.  Only because no one will rest until I tell them to but the most important part of recovery is “active” rest.  This is where you still move, but at a lower intensity than what you are used to.  This is a great time to take a few yoga classes, get a massage, and re-evaluate what you are eating.

This time frame allows me to breathe and not stress about working hard in all of your workout sessions.  Just enjoy the moment and move.  It allows you to take a look at your diet and realize what you are missing as well as what food you are eating that is not benefiting you.  When I detox, I take out all animal products, gluten, sugar, alcohol, and coffee.  This allows my body to reset and I can get back to the basics of what I need to be healthy.  So don’t forget about this important time frame.  You deserve it!


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