Beachin’ It

so we are headed to the beach for our annual Beach Battle workout tomorrow!  Its my favorite workout of the year and best of all we get to hang out and have a good time on the beach.  What kinds of food do you bring to the beach to stay on track?  I packed some fruit, hummus & veggies, as well as some yogurt for protein.  You want to look good on the beach isn’t that why you exercise so hard?  Sticking to a routine on a daily basis even though your life events are not routine is very important.  So when you head out to the beach bring your healthy snacks and stick to your new lifestyle and it will be easier every time.

Love your squat!

I’ve received the question a lot about how low should my squat be and at what distance should my feet be placed.  There are at least 4 different muscle groups targeted while you are squatting and within each group there are many different fibers.  Each of these fibers can be targeted by varying your squat position and depth.  To get the most out of your workouts it is important to include narrow, wide, and traditional stances with each set.  This way you can get the maximum out of your attempt to sculpt your legs.  Your quadriceps are the main muscle group from standing upright until you get to a 90 degree angle at your knees.  Once you go beyond that your glutes and hamstrings will take over the bulk of your weight.  Things to remember is to keep your shoulders over your thighs and your knees over your feet.  Also, as you lower and press back up remember to drive your heels into the floor.

The Truth About Whole Grains

All food you add to your daily routine should help increase your energy, support your workouts, and assist you in burning the dreaded body fat.    Make sure you are choosing grains with at least 4 grams of fiber.  Some healthy grains are whole oats, quinoa, and unprocessed brown rice.  Try to limit your grains to breakfast and lunch if you are aiming for fat loss.  Consuming these healthy carbohydrates allows you to have quick energy for your workouts and prevents loss of muscle.  Stay away from processed breads, white flours, and grains with no fiber content.  Stick to foods in their natural state.

Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today

This phrase is something I heard from my mother all the years growing off.  I think it was to make me do my chores.  Dont put off till tomorrow what you can do today This is so important to remember as you head into your week.  I’m sure you thought about your fitness regimens and made a schedule in your head.  Just know that things WILL come up unexpectedly and challenge this routine.  what will be your backup plan?  What is really important?  I have things that mess up my routine constantly but I make it a point to stick to my routine because it is something that is very important to me and makes me feel great.  Have you made your fitness goals a priority yet or are they still sitting at the bottom of your to do list?

Workouts that work

Does it really matter what type of workout you start?   Is one really better than the other?  Whether you do Zumba, Weight Lifting, Body Pump, Crossfit, High intensity interval training, running, boxing, or any other workout there is two things you need to have as a common denominator.  This is BALANCE and CONSISTENCY.  For my program I always make sure I have a balance of cardiovascular training, balance, agility, strength, and flexibility.  If you do too much of one thing and not enough of the other you risk injury because of imbalances that we talked about earlier.

Another thing to remember is the harder you push your body, the more balanced your nutrition program has to be.  It’s not all about calories when it comes to fueling your body.  You need a specific amount of nutrients at the right time to help your body recover from tough workouts.  Proper rest is also important in helping your muscles grow and recover.  If you keep a consistent workout schedule you allow your body time to adapt to a training routine.  I see many people struggle with their results because they are either not pushing themselves hard enough or they lack the patience to stay on track with a specific routine.  Don’t forget it is a LIFESTYLE and not a quick fix to get a swimsuit body.  If you want to look the part you have to live the part.

Set your mindset to think that a clean diet and regular exercise is just “what you do”.  Don’t worry so much about what kind of workout you commit to.  Everyone has their own personality so choose something that motivates you and is enjoyable.  Don’t stress over which workout is “better”.  Just move in some way everyday.

Don’t forget the journey

Sometimes we all make the mistake of setting our goal and forgetting about how we are planning to get there.  It’s so easy to say “I want to lose 10lbs” or “I want to run a half marathon”.  Those are both great goals to have, but ask yourself what steps are you taking to achieve those goals?  You need to set a schedule of workouts along with a nutrition plan to help you get to those goals.   Don’t get strung up on the numbers on the scale or how long a half marathon is.  It takes small steps to get there and if all these steps are taken, we can achieve our goal with a less stressful approach.

When a typical day turns around

On Tuesdays I usually participate in my morning body chisel class, but today was a little different.  My sons had an awards ceremony at school so I had one of my instructors sub.  Now I knew this was coming this week so I previously decided that I would schedule my workout in at another time.  We all have situations that come up where it may affect our workout schedule.  The ideal thing is to schedule the sessions early in the morning so nothing tends to get in the way.  I train clients super early so those times aren’t available for me.  What I do know is there is no excuse to cancel my workouts if I am feeling well.  If I have to I will workout at the end of my day, which could often be at 8 pm.  This keeps me on track to not miss any workouts.  Your body will reflect your lifestyle so this means you must live with health and fitness a priority in order to see the results.  Stay focused on sticking with a routine and results will follow!

Recovery and Rest Days

Happy Memorial Day!  God Bless all the men and women who are currently serving and who have lost their lives fighting for our country.

Image 300x300 Recovery and Rest Days

Making sure you have proper rest time is so important in getting the results that you are looking for.  If you workout hard everyday of the week (the same muscle groups) you may risk injury due to the fact you are exercising tired and torn muscles.  Giving each muscle group 48 hours to recover is a good idea.  Try to limit your plyometric workouts to two days per week with three days of strength training, get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep, and make sure you are consuming a complete protein within 30 minutes post workout.  Staying on schedule gives your body time to adjust.    Hydrate properly and always listen to your body.  If you need rest, do it!

Staying motivated with your fitness program

Why is it that over 80% of people who start a fitness program quit after just a few weeks of starting?  Why is it that you are so motivated in the beginning and then it slowly wears off?  It is extremely important to make sure you have a specific (measurable) goal before you start any kind of workout routine.  You wouldn’t get into your car and drive around if you didn’t have a specific destination right?  If you did you would drive around aimlessly until you got frustrated and stopped.  Same thing applies to your fitness program.

Here are some tips to keep you on track:

1.  Do complete measurements before you start including pictures.

2.  Write down your goal somewhere where you see if on a daily basis (ie write it on your bathroom mirror)

3.  Write a “why statement”  this is just a reason why you want to achieve your goal.  When you feel frustrated you can pull this out and remind yourself why you need to stay focused.

4.  Schedule an “after” photoshoot.  Get a friend or professional photographer to schedule a photo session to celebrate your progress.  With a specific date set you have a destination point.  This is why people are more motivated when getting in shape for a wedding or vacation.

5.  Write out your workout schedule and stick to it every week!  Don’t let your excuses get in the way.  If you find yourself saying “I just can’t do it.”  Reverse that thought and say “well how can I get it done?”



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