Our Studio Is Moving!

we are moving 300x257 Our Studio Is Moving!


Elite Training & Fitness has a new location at 946 Tamiami Trail in Port Charlotte.  We will be the center unit 203.  Classes and training will start Monday November 3.  Our new studio rates will be as follows:

$90/month for a 12 month commitment

$100/month for a 6 month commitment

$110/month for a 3 month commitment

$1020 one year membership paid in full

$12 one day pass

If you are already a member with us you are locked in to your current rate for as long as you are with us.  Memberships include:

Full access to all group classes, open gym hours, trainerize app and online weight training programs, month assessments on our specified days, and member discounts on our special events.  Elite Training and fitness has a mission of taking care of each individuals unique fitness goals and offering personalized fitness programming.  If you have not tried out our facility before we offer a one week pass for the cost of a drop in class (only $12!)  Come see what makes Elite the best place for personalized fitness!


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Get off the scale!

assessment Get off the scale!

How do you measure your progress?  Are you one of those that weight yourself every morning or even every week?  Are you disappointment when you don’t see the scale move or you even gain a pound?  Let me ask you a question.  If you gained 2lbs of muscle and lost a pound of bodyfat would you be able to tell that when you step on a scale?  Of course not!  So many of us get hung up on what the scale says and forget that our body could be changing without the weight reflecting that change.  We must know our bodyfat percentage, take before and after pictures so that we see the visual changes, and take girth measurements with a tape measure.  This is the only way we can view our bodies true change.  If you don’t know how to do these yourself, call a personal trainer to have them complete and assessment for you.  Its definitely worth it to see the true changes that will keep you motivated.  If you are a member of our studio, we are now offering free assessments the first weekend of each month.  Friday at 6pm and Saturday at 9am.  Appointments are required.  Just email carriedandrade@gmail.com

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Is sugar making you fat?

sugar Is sugar making you fat?

So many of us are worried about the amount of calories we take in and sure that has an effect on your weight gain or loss.  But what kind of calories are you consuming.  If we were to focus on eating whole foods (not boxed, canned, or processed) we wouldn’t have to count calories.  Whole foods contain vital nutrients that we need to function properly.  Processed foods tend to break down quickly and thus raise our blood sugar levels.  It is so important to maintain a stable blood sugar level in order to lose body fat and maintain a healthy weight.  Fiber is used to slow down digestion so food that contains 4-6g of fiber  is a good healthy option.  Fiber is also needed to have a healthy digestive system.  We need about 20-30g of fiber per day and most Americans don’t even come close to that.  Fruits, veggies, and whole grains are a great source of fiber.  Pair protein and fiber with each meal to stay on track.  some options would be:

Oatmeal & eggs

grilled chicken & mixed veggies with brown rice

banana & peanut butter

black beans and quinoa

whole almonds & raisins

tuna and avocado

apple and almond butter

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Mental Competition

When you are working out, are you really working as hard as you think you are?  Your mind plays such an important role in achieving your fitness goals.  When you are working on a set and have a goal of 10 reps, you basically pick a weight and complete 10 full range of motion.  Do you stop and think, “could I have gone to 15 reps or even 20″ or do you just continue your workout with the weight you think you can do?  In order to move to the next level you have to challenge yourself.  Its important to do this every few weeks to keep achieving milestones.  Keep track of your workouts, how much weight you are lifting, how many reps, and number of sets.  Its so important to keep a log and make sure you don’t backtrack.  Test yourself every 4-6 weeks and see if you are getting stronger.   “What your mind believes, your body can achieve.”


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Balance Out

Did you know that 80% of injuries originate from a muscle imbalance.  When one side of your body is stronger than the other your risk of injury increases.  This is why it is very important to always work opposing muscle groups.  For example if you do a set of push ups (push) you should make sure your week includes a set of rows (pull).  During our everyday life we tend to do more pushing then pulling. So in general my rule has been always to perform two pull exercises for every push exercise.  Doing too many push ups can cause your shoulders to roll forward and your posture to be compromised.  Shoulder rolls, chest stretches, lat pull downs, and one arm rows are a great way to help open the chest and strengthen the back.

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Keep the results coming

motivation 300x225 Keep the results coming

How many times have you joined a gym or started a workout program only to see yourself a couple weeks later pushing those workouts aside for other things you feel are more important? Starting a workout program is not the hardest part. Its keeping the consistency that counts. But how do we stay motivated?
1. Set a goal date on your calendar. Mark a date about 6 weeks from when you start and measure your progress that day. This is why we usually keep our programs when we have a vacation or an event to get ready for.
2. Write all your workouts on a specific time and day on your calendar. When you make an appointment with yourself, you are more likely to not let other things get in the way.
3. Chart your progress. Write down what you have done and increase your workout volume as you go along to keep it challenging.
4. If you have an off day and don’t feel like exercising, tell yourself you will do a minimum of 10 minutes and you may find yourself completing the whole workout. And if you don’t 10 minutes will speed up your metabolism if you have enough intensity.
5. Grab a partner. Having someone to workout with keeps your motivation higher because there is accountability to each other. If one doesn’t feel like it, the other will help get you going.

The bottom line is, if you want to see results you have to stay consistent and complete all your workouts as scheduled. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results right away. Sometimes it will take weeks for your body to respond.

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Beachin’ It

so we are headed to the beach for our annual Beach Battle workout tomorrow!  Its my favorite workout of the year and best of all we get to hang out and have a good time on the beach.  What kinds of food do you bring to the beach to stay on track?  I packed some fruit, hummus & veggies, as well as some yogurt for protein.  You want to look good on the beach isn’t that why you exercise so hard?  Sticking to a routine on a daily basis even though your life events are not routine is very important.  So when you head out to the beach bring your healthy snacks and stick to your new lifestyle and it will be easier every time.

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Love your squat!

I’ve received the question a lot about how low should my squat be and at what distance should my feet be placed.  There are at least 4 different muscle groups targeted while you are squatting and within each group there are many different fibers.  Each of these fibers can be targeted by varying your squat position and depth.  To get the most out of your workouts it is important to include narrow, wide, and traditional stances with each set.  This way you can get the maximum out of your attempt to sculpt your legs.  Your quadriceps are the main muscle group from standing upright until you get to a 90 degree angle at your knees.  Once you go beyond that your glutes and hamstrings will take over the bulk of your weight.  Things to remember is to keep your shoulders over your thighs and your knees over your feet.  Also, as you lower and press back up remember to drive your heels into the floor.

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The Truth About Whole Grains

All food you add to your daily routine should help increase your energy, support your workouts, and assist you in burning the dreaded body fat.    Make sure you are choosing grains with at least 4 grams of fiber.  Some healthy grains are whole oats, quinoa, and unprocessed brown rice.  Try to limit your grains to breakfast and lunch if you are aiming for fat loss.  Consuming these healthy carbohydrates allows you to have quick energy for your workouts and prevents loss of muscle.  Stay away from processed breads, white flours, and grains with no fiber content.  Stick to foods in their natural state.

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Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today

This phrase is something I heard from my mother all the years growing off.  I think it was to make me do my chores.  icon wink Dont put off till tomorrow what you can do today This is so important to remember as you head into your week.  I’m sure you thought about your fitness regimens and made a schedule in your head.  Just know that things WILL come up unexpectedly and challenge this routine.  what will be your backup plan?  What is really important?  I have things that mess up my routine constantly but I make it a point to stick to my routine because it is something that is very important to me and makes me feel great.  Have you made your fitness goals a priority yet or are they still sitting at the bottom of your to do list?

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